British Traditional Hat Cultures

Hat culture is one of the traditional British cultures, which also represents the British attachment and love to the hat. Hat is not only an indispensable decoration for ladies, but also a symbol of social status according to aristocratic tradition.

If an Englishman likes to wear a hat, and then we have one thousand reasons to talk about Queen Elizabeth II, who has a special fondness for the hat. According to rough statistics, she has already worn about 5000 hats, and every suit must have a matching hat. In other words, when the Queen wore a hat, it is a substitute for a certain crown to some extent, and the hat was not just an ornament, but a majesty. The Queen’s hat is known for its bright and bold colors, she often wears such a hat to attend some official events. Her everlasting beautiful hat has also been leading the fashion of the high-class society in the UK.

In fact, to pack a hat will take lots of tines than to pick a dress. Hat is necessary in an important occasion in England, especially women, the hat is not only a decoration but also a status symbol.In Britain, a matching hat makes them feel better. Hat can be said to be a spacial field where the British ladies can pursue the fashion in a unique way. Not only do British ladies love hats, so do English gentlemen. An English man who visits a friend will take off his hat when he enters the living room. If you go to dinner, hang your hat or put it on the nearest chair after you enter the restaurant.

Why are hats so popular in Britain? It is said that this is due to the special climate in England. It is our impression that the traditional English gentleman always holds a long-handled black umbrella because the weather in England is fickle. Compared to umbrellas, the hat is more convenient to carry, if it rains, the hat can withstand sudden drizzle. When the weather is fine, it doesn’t rain, but the harsh ultraviolet rays are tough, wearing a wide-eared cap can keep the sun out. In addition, the British winter cold, wearing a hat is one of the measures to keep warm. In addition to the weather, wearing a hat on your head can give you a condescending sense of superiority and good decoration.Today, the weather is no longer a major factor in Britons’ love of hats, but the hats are preserved as an important accessory to the British, and even if women in Britain enter a room without rain, sunshine, or comfort, and still love the pretty hat, so the hat is becoming a very important vane in the British fashion world.

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